Sörmlandsleden - hiking trail

Your walk on Sörmlandsleden will be through large areas of wilderness, but suddenly a huge desolate forest can be split by a motorway. You can swim in the lakes, meet wild and tame animals, listen to birds and breathe freedom.

Orange trail markings
The Sörmlandsleden trail is marked with orange trail markings. Usually, the mark is an orange circle around a tree or pole. Road crossings are marked with orange S-arrows. In population centres you follow orange stickers, usually placed on lampposts. In places, the orange colour is supplemented with blue, on arrow tips or a dot in the circle around a tree, indicating that the section also forms part of a shorter circular route of approx 2-15 km. Planks and footbridges take hikers across sensitive and waterlogged areas. You also find signs that indicate spring (källa), shelter (skärmskydd) or privy (dass).

The Sörmlandsleden trail is maintained by an association. Members of the Sörmlandsleden Association work as volunteers to keep the trail in the best possible order. One person is responsible for each section. It costs SEK 200 a year to become a supporting member.

Accommodation along the route 
When you walk the Sörmlandsleden trail you have to be prepared to carry all your provisions, and on most sections you have to overnight in the countryside, either in a shelter or in your own tent.

Along the Sörmlandsleden trail there are a number of wind shelters. They are log huts with open front, away from roads and near lakes or the sea. You can overnight here in your own sleeping bag. The shelters are designed for four people. They are free of charge, but cannot be booked. If other hikers turn up, you must share the space. Next to all shelters are prepared fireplaces. 

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