The Edible Country - Nyköping

Nyköping is a city by the sea; the Baltic Sea to be precise. Just an hour south of Stockholm and only 7 minutes from Skavsta Airport, you’ll find a vast archipelago of uninhabited islands to explore and long to return to. Come and explore smooth rocky outcrops and protected natural harbours, and just pause for a while. You can even get up close to sea eagles and seals. The Sörmlandsleden winds sweep passed the table behind Nynäs Castle – one of Sweden's most well-preserved mansions. Stay with us for a while and sleep over in the old distillery behind the castle with its own dock, or continue along the gravelly cliffs, deep forests and glittering lakes. This is a place you will surely want to return.


For a true Swedish outdoor experience, the adventure starts here. Seeing wild animals in their true habitat has never felt so personalized. Come and see the moose, deer, wild boars, beavers and the white-tailed eagle living right next to the small towns and villages. Why not go on your own private "wildlife safari” in the light summer evenings? Or you can enjoy togetherness with family and friends at Lasätter’s Farm, nominated for the Ecotourism Award 2020.


A nature and taste experience beyond the ordinary

Wake up next to Öster Malma Wildlife Park

A state of the art hunting cinema

Finely cut game meat from Sörmland

A garden café in a rural oasis