WiFi zones


There are four zones in Oxelösund with free WiFi. The networks are completely open and you do not need to log in to be able to surf.

  • In the center, around Järntorget. Between the big clock and ICAs parking lot, and the part between First Hotel and Koordinaten. The name of the network is FREE WIFI STADSNATET
  • Jogersö camping, restaurant and beach. The name of the network is FREE WIFI STADSNATET
  • Guest harbour, from Piren to the playground. FREE WIFI OXELOSUND
  • Drivhuset, inside the building of Campus Oxelösund. It is for the people using the premises of Drivhuset.

We believe it is important to offer free WiFi at different locations in Oxelösund. In that way we can increase our service and also make it easier for tourists and locals to get information. We want everybody to be able to use the digital services provided by Oxelösund municipality.

Inside Koordinaten there is also a network you can use. There is a sign with password and username at the Information desk. The password changes on a regular basis.