Näckrosleden cycling route


Selma Lagerlöf gave in her book “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils”

Sörmland the designation “the garden of eden” which is a truly felicitous simile.

There are hundreds of lakes and a beautiful coast with over 2000 rocky islets.

The landscape is also characterized by pastures with trees, mostly oak and

birch. You will see rich flower meadows in many places.

Sörmlands landscape animal is the osprey which nests both in the archipelago

and by the lake Båven. Along the water course it is getting more common to

see otters and beavers. In the archipelago the seals are also more common than

Sörmland is a landscape full of manors. Along the way you will see a lot of

castles and estates that were built by noble landowners. The nobility often had

a connection to the royal family in Stockholm. They chose this area to build their

summer houses because it was conveniently close to the city. A lot of these

manors are open to the public.

Bike cycling in Sörmland is more pleasure than effort. You can bike in your own

pace on small dirt roads, in diversified nature. Rarely do you fi nd steep hills or

roads with a lot of traffi c.

To find the Näckrosled should not be a problem. From Stockholm to Gnesta,

where the first stage is, you can take the commuter train. You can go by train to

most of the bigger cities in Sörmland. The busses will take you to the smaller

cities and towns. You can take your bike on the bus if there is space available.

When bike cycling you have the possibility to experience our culture, nature,

the life of our animals and a lot more that you usually miss. Allow yourself to

take a break in an oak grove where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and have

some peace and quiet. Make a stop at a few of our beautiful churches, manors,

agricultures or local history museums and feel the tide of history. So, make

sure you treat yourself to the history of Sörmland because it is full of wonderful

experiences for both adults and children.

Enjoy your bike cycling tours!