Nature trails

Hälleforsnäs, Flen

"Allemansrätten" gives us a unique opportunity to stay in nature, but be sure to use it correctly. It is a right for all people to travel over private land in the countryside, to temporarily stay there and, for example, pick berries, mushrooms and some other plants. 

The right follows the demands of shown consideration and caution against nature and wildlife, against landowners and against other people - do not disturb and not destroy.

Before you go on our lead, we recommend going to to see what specific rules apply for hiking, cycling, canoeing and horse riding.

The trail is 100 miles long and comprises 100 stages that run in different kinds of terrain and have varied degrees of difficulty. It's marked with orange arrows. Along the trail there are rest areas, wind shelters, huts and other possibilities for overnight stays.

The trail runs on hilly roads with slight traffic throughout Sörmland and is 70 miles long. Here you will find several popular excursions and sights. The trail is marked with yellow plate plates and divided into 14 stages.

Paddle on the boat
In Sörmland there are 18 canoe routes, of which 7 are based from Skebokvarn. The canoetrail Båven is a new canoe trail with the possibility of accommodation at various facilities around the lake.

Please download the folder "Paddla på Båven" at one of our tourist agencies.

Riding trails Sörmland
Nearly 40 miles of winding roads pass through beautiful Södermanland. The trail is marked with purple arrows, walks along good trails in varied terrain throughout the county.
It is divided intosections. Along the trail there are host families where horse and riders can stay overnight. Where the horse gets food and space in the stable or garden and you can eat and sleep.

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