Hälleforsnäs, Flen

The place that grows and grows.
The surroundings around Sparreholm and Skebokvarn are characterized by their location at Sörmland's largest lake Båven, as well as by the two large goods that are located close to Sparreholm.
Rockelstad Castle and Sparreholm Castle with museums and a riding center.

Sparreholm is now an eldorado for canoeists, wool fans and nostalgians with the city's range of museums.

Fabriken - The Factory
Possibility of shopping in the 6000 sqm store attracts many visitors. Here you'll find Sparreholms only grocery store.

Kanotcenter - The Canoecenter
From Skebokvarn, there's no less than seven canoe leads. Enjoy beautiful nature by hitting camps at the edge of the beach or rent a canoe and paddle out on Båven and experience the beautiful surroundings.

Gråforssamlingar - Nostalgi Museum

Gråfors Collections will take you on a journey through time where you will have the opportunity to visit the hairdresser's salon, paint, iron and country trade from the beginning of the 20th century.

There is also a unique collection of old motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles and even a complete gas station, a bicycle and moped workshop.

Experience historical toys, strollers, cameras and more.

Båven Spinnhus
Båvens Spinnhus takes care of your wool and refines it.

Alla tiders Skebo
Sparreholmsvägen 33 B
Alla tiders Skebo want to help you with paint and equipment whether you are a professional or a home fixer. Everything in color and decor.
Tel: 0157- 300 00

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