Brannäs wetland


Brannäs våtmark (wetland) is located on the peninsula in Örsbaken between Oxelösund and Nyköping. The wetland ws laid out in 1993 in lowland wooded area and old arable field and are the first full scale plant of its kind in Scandinavia. Today it serves as the third step in the cleaning process of wastewater treatment. What no one could have anticipated when the wetland was constructed was the rich birdlife and great value to the nature that the wetland would provide.

To give the public a chance to easily take part of the versatile biologic wildlife that the wetland offers, there is a two kilometres long hiking trail that will take the hiker all the way up to the wetland’s outlet into the Baltic Sea. Along the trail are signs with information placed which tell about the nature and culture of the surroundings. There are also a number of lookouts and rest stops along the hiking trail.