Just under 1 hour from Stockholm, in the town of Strängnäs, is Scandinavia’s largest military vehicle museum – Arsenalen. A museum filled with vehicles, both with tracks and wheels, from the early 1900s to modern machines of the present day.

Witness the smells and technical development, and confront the fate of war from our times.

The soldier’s croft exhibition takes us back to the 1700s and portrays a piece of Swedish cultural history. An authentic environment with a soldier’s croft from the era makes for an exciting visit.

We also have a unique collection of tin miniatures set in scenes.

A fantastic piece of handiwork including Alexander the Great, Emperor Napoleon, and Vikings and Samis in the Swedish mountains.

During the summer, exhibitions are arranged, when vehicles are displayed and visitors are offered an exclusive ride.   

Contact information

Arsenalen Sverigesförsvarsfordonsmuseum
Contact: Isabella Hedenstrand Nastri
Phone: +46-15212144


Opening hours

29 Aug - 31 May Wednesday-Sunday 11:00-16:00
Thursday 11:00-20.00

1 June- 31 August Daily 11.00-17:00

(deviations may occur during holidays)

Public transportation


Base exhibition: Seventy vehicles from the 1920’s up until the present day display the technology and development of Swedish military history.

Immerse yourself in the environment, stories, facts and fate of the people from these last centuries. We preserve the knowledge and experiences necessary to ensure that future visitors are able to gain an accurate picture of our military history.

Themed exhibition: Vehicles that do not regularly feature in our museum are displayed at the end of the base exhibition.

Figure museum: Thousands of hand-painted tin figures are arranged in different scenes.


Royal Södermanland’s regiment: The exhibition shows the regiment’s history from the 14th century to
its closure in 2005.

Soldier’s croft: Step inside a unique dwelling from the time of the Swedish allotment system and experience housing conditions for the 14 soldier families who lived in crofts.

Soldier & Croft: This separate exhibition describes and illustrates the tenement soldier, his family and civilian society.

Shop: We offer a wide range of literature and models as well as our enormously popular children’s collection. Souvenirs and sweets are also available.

Café: Here you can enjoy the obligatory coffee break but also generous sandwiches if you are feeling hungry.


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